Vibrant Communities

  • Make streets that are safe for all people, however they want to get around
  • Reliable garbage services to keep our streets clean and beautiful
  • Maintain our waterfront and make it more easily accessible to more people
  • Repair, invest in, and expand crucial amenities and services such as parks, community centres, schools, and libraries, particularly when new development is being built in a neighbourhood
  • A 10-minute bus network across Scarborough Southwest so people have more options for getting around their communities
  • Bury power lines during road reconstruction projects to beautify our streets and to make our electrical grid more resilient to extreme weather
  • Ensure well-maintained public parks, including washrooms, water features, and sports amenities
  • Add more street trees for shade and cooling to help fight the climate crisis
  • Implement the long-delayed Kingston Road revitalization plan to create a 'Main Street' in Birch Cliff that will better support local businesses
  • Create connected green spaces like the West Scarborough Rail Path