The Scarborough RT (Line 3) is shutting down this fall, and for the next 7+ years, Scarborough will be stuck on the bus. The TTC will be running up to 70 buses per hour — that's a bus every 50 seconds — on the roads between Kennedy & Scarborough Town Centre.

Commutes for drivers and transit riders will become much longer, unreliable, and frustrating — unless we ask City Council for a better solution. Could you please fill in the form on this page to automatically send an email to City Council asking for a better solution? Read on for more details.

What's happening to the Scarborough RT?

  • The Scarborough RT (Line 3) will shut down forever in November 2023
  • SRT riders would see round-trip commutes nearly 1 hour longer when switching to current TTC bus routes
  • To lessen the impact, the TTC is adding new direct bus services between Kennedy and Scarborough Town Centre, running for the next 7+ years

What's the problem?

  • This SRT replacement bus service will require up to 70 buses per hourthat's a bus every 50 seconds — needed for 7+ years until the Scarborough subway opens
  • Running that many buses in mixed traffic will be a disaster:
    • transit will be slow and totally unreliable
    • driving will be brutal with so many buses stopping in the curb lane
  • This could lead to 1000s of additional cars on the road as thousands of former SRT riders abandon a slow, unreliable replacement bus in favour of driving

Running SRT replacement buses in mixed traffic for 7+ years is not a solution that Scarborough can tolerate. 

What's the fix?

The solution: ensure the SRT replacement bus service is fast and reliable!

  • In the medium-term, the best way to do this is to convert the SRT guideway into an off-road busway and run SRT replacement buses there. Unfortunately, this option will take 2 years of construction and is currently unfunded.
  • In fact, this off-road busway would save the most time for transit riders and drivers.
  • But City Council is pointing to the Province to fund the few million dollars it will take to convert the SRT tracks into a busway.
  • So in the short-term, the City of Toronto & TTC have proposed to install temporary dedicated on-road bus lanes (see map below):
    • Kennedy (northbound)
    • Ellesmere (eastbound & westbound)
    • Midland (southbound)
  • This short-term on-road bus lane proposal will have a big benefit for transit reliability and speed (nearly 30 minutes saved round-trip) while ensuring drivers are not stuck behind buses

What can we do?

  • City Council is voting on the interim on-road bus lane proposal on Tuesday May 2 and Wednesday May 10
  • While this proposal isn't perfect, it's MUCH better than the do-nothing alternative for transit riders and drivers
  • City Council needs to hear your support for this proposal
  • I've put together a sample email for you: just fill in the form on this page and hit send!
  • Every email will make a difference



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