Safe Streets & Neighbourhoods

  • Redesign our roads to feel like urban streets in the 21st century, not 20th century highways
  • Plant trees and beautify our streets as public spaces we all use
  • Ensure reliable snow maintenance in the winter
  • Expand the speed camera program from 3 cameras to 30 cameras in Scarborough Southwest: City of Toronto data show that 90% of drivers who get a ticket do not speed in front of that camera again
  • Work with students, school councils, and school administrations to develop and implement safe school travel plans for every school in Scarborough Southwest within my first term
  • Make walking and cycling safer and more enjoyable for everyone
  • Ensure there are safe street crossings at bus stops and community destinations
  • Streamline the neighbourhood traffic calming process, so safe street measures can be implemented faster
  • A 10-minute bus network across Scarborough Southwest so people have more options for getting around their communities
  • Hire more Traffic Wardens to replace paid duty officers for construction sites and traffic enforcement

Read more about my advocacy work for safer streets.