On October 6, I visited Oakridge Community Centre and found it in a state of disrepair: 

  • Lobby lightbulbs that can't be changed
  • Leaking ceiling
  • Damaged holes in drywall
  • Hot tub that has been out of order for years
  • No hot water for several days.

You read that right - no hot water. That the facility this community relies on has become unhealthy and unsafe is shameful. 

Oakridge is also missing out on other community services, like a proper library: a bookmobile is an insufficient band-aid solution. 

We need to invest in Oakridge, a city-designated Neighbourhood Improvement Area, providing the proper community services needed here.

Sign this petition if you agree. 

Will you sign?

I, the undersigned, call on the City of Toronto, the Department of Parks, Forestry, and Recreation, and any other implicated departments, to make urgent repairs to the Oakridge Community Centre IMMEDIATELY to make it safe, healthy, and a full-functional facility again. 

I further call on the City of Toronto and the Toronto Public Library to determine a suitable location for a new library branch in Oakridge and a path forward for building it.