No Jets

No Jets

Will you sign?

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre wants to expand Toronto Island Airport to allow large jets to take off and land near our community.

With my background in Cities Engineering, I know the negative impacts of this poorly conceived plan on our environment would be disastrous:

  • Increased air traffic will bring more air pollution and health problems literally to our doors, as well as noise pollution to our waterfront
  • Tommy Thompson Park is a vital habitat and migratory route for birds, whose population would be devastated by these problems
  • Increased car congestion and emissions along routes to downtown

In our own backyard, the Bluffs are a special place that must be protected. I have fought to preserve our incredible natural landscapes, and promise to bring my energy, knowledge and tenacity to City Hall as your Councillor to continue fighting for the future of Scarborough.

Please sign our petition to ensure the Toronto Island Airport remains jet-free: