Scarborough is changing.

We need sustainable and affordable housing in our city. We must ensure new developments are liveable, and come with the parks, businesses, and services that we all need.

We deserve to have a safe & vibrant community. Whether on our streets, at our schools, or in our homes, everyone should feel comfortable and safe.

We must have a connected & resilient Scarborough. We need accessible transit options, more local jobs, and better opportunities right here in Scarborough.


I am fighting for the future of Scarborough. Let me know — what future are you fighting for? 

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Platform & Policies

Fighting for our future

In my neighbourhood of Cliffside, I see every day what an incredible community I live in. I also have a vision for how we can make it so much better, for all of us. 

I have studied how cities work, and I know what needs to change to make our communities better: more affordable places to live and safer streets that are easier to get around. I have spent months on the campaign trail listening to you, my neighbours, about what’s important to you, as well. 

Below is a list of my priorities and what I’ve heard from you as we’ve talked at events and when I’ve knocked on your door. These are just a few of the ideas for how I want to lead at City Council, to leave behind the 20th century status quo, and to build for a 21st century future. 


I'm pleased and proud to have received endorsements from the following organizations and individuals. Thank you for your support!

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