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Take Climate Action

We can tackle the climate crisis by building affordable housing options, giving people transport options, and helping locals get good-paying green jobs. Let's invest in our people, our city, and our future.

Toronto used to be a leader in environmental action, and we should be again – add your name if you agree.


Let's build a better future, together, by:

  • Getting more transit prioritized for Scarborough Southwest to improve service, improve reliability, encourage use, and to do it quickly
  • Developing incentives to transition natural gas out of new and existing buildings
  • Adding more street trees for shade and cooling and care for our existing trees and green spaces, including support for programs like the city’s Ravine Strategy
  • Burying power lines during road reconstruction projects to beautify our streets and to make our electrical grid more resilient to extreme weather
  • Increasing transit service to a reliable 10-minute bus network across Scarborough Southwest to give people a strong alternative to driving
  • Reviewing all city policies through an environmental lens
  • Creating connected green spaces like the West Scarborough Rail Path